Open Today 9:00am – 9:00pm

Open Today 9:00am – 9:00pm

Sustainable Cities


The Sustainable Cities program commenced in term 2 at John Monash Science School and continued through term 3 in a hard lockdown learning environment.

Students spent many hours developing their concept, narrative, solutions and pitch as well as mastering the technical requirements of co-spaces and Minecraft.

In total, 253 students participated and through a series of internal school pitches, the top 10 teams were elevated to the Pitch 2 Panel challenge scheduled for Thursday 7th October.


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Team ‘-1.5°’ provided solutions for Autoville that gave citizens a voice and incorporated sustainability into local development. The team repurposed abandoned infrastructure, reduced economic vulnerability, reinforced clean energy use, and most importantly, protected the environment to ensure the health and well-being of its citizens.

Caterpillar Co

When initially tasked with redesigning a city in decline, Caterpillar Co’s goal was to make citizens the centre of the incentives. They endeavoured to plan a city in which social & environmental sustainability work symbiotically through the implementation of heavy government involvement, green urban planning & resident-focused incentives, serving the land so it could serve the people.


Eco-Smart focuses on building a city that profits human needs and also the environment. We are using sources of renewable energy, unique ways of sustainable practices and environmental- friendly materials and tools to reduce/ eliminate causes of climate change & global warming. As a result, it’s a positive mutual benefit for the world.

Enviromental Avengers

Environmental Avengers aim to improve the sustainability of all people in the city. Reducing coal usage, making public transport lines and improving residential areas are the main focus. Adding in solar panels and wind turbines will make this city more sustainable, to save the environment. 


JJAZ focused on a city’s longevity through a perfected mix of the three pillars: a city where environmental, economic, and social sustainability meet their full potential. Their solutions for Aquis’ highlighted economic and social sustainability to ensure it will endure to the very end.

Marzzanas Enterprise

Marzzanas Enterprises aims to make its city and the resources within it as accessible, eco-friendly, and renewable as possible whilst also providing a place where the citizens can lead peaceful, fun, and easy lives; and enjoy some showstopping scenery on a daily basis.


The industrialisation that caused severe environmental damage will lessen by aiming to phase out the oil refineries while supplying new employment opportunities. The Offshore oil rigs are now redeveloped into innovative and self-sustaining accommodation. The inclusion of these designs will prioritise the health and happiness of its citizens.

Pent Metro

Pent Metro will help this city to become more sustainable, modern and urbanised. Implementing more communal areas such as parks, sports facilities and beaches will make it convenient to socialise with everyone. Tourism increase and modernised technology will additionally increase the city’s economic status.


Shroommates vision for the city of Autoville was to ensure its ability to maintain a balance between the three pillars of sustainable development. It is important to have a city that recognises human needs and the environment equally. Autoville endeavours to provide socially, economically and environmentally.

The Vincent Project

‘The Vincent Project aimed to make sustainability attainable. Their solutions for Rapida addressed climate issues, tackled food sustainability and created economic security. With these solutions, the city has made long term provisions for its citizens and can flourish for years to come.

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